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SNGLRTY, the most innovative way to see time on your wrist. Featuring the industry-first OHI4 or OHI2 calibre it is the first watch ever designed to indicate the time as we experience it – uniquely in each moment. You get Swiss design and engineering in a world-first calibre that presents the precise time with a single hand. Add in a stunning sapphire crystal with seven layers of anti-reflective coating on BOTH sides, 100m of water resistance, customizable as you desire. This is not a watch that you wear, this is a statement about the individual you are.

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This is not a novelty or horological sideshow

A single hour hand continuously synchronizes with a minute disc on a clever, innovative dial



Why do you need to look at two locations?

The subject was watches, and it was unfolding over a few bottles of wine. Why do you needed to look at two location on a watch face to read the time? Why can it not be achieved with a glance at a single point? ... Read More →

Daniel’s Experience

Daniel has more than 30 years experiece in the watch industry and seen many watches. But not one like this, where the minutes move backward and the hour hand forward ...Read More →

The Idea and Deal

Even in the bar, close to midnight, after a few drinks, the idea seemed too good to leave just as an idea. So the two friends took their beer mat drawing, signed it 50/50 and christened it the OHI-Project, the One Hand Indication Project.




The next morning, in the cold light of day, there were now many doubts. It could not have been that easy?

So we needed to answer these questions first:

a) Are we sure this has never been done before?

Daniel started to search in books, on the internet and consulted with his friends in Switzerland. Still nothing similar.

b) Everything indicated that our idea was innovative, but would it be patentable?

Steve and Daniel decided to file for a patent. This was to be the test of their idea, if they received a patent they would make the prototypes, if not then it would be time to move on and look for other challenges.

c) What is patent the about?

A single-hand or single-indicator timepiece that can simultaneously identify both the hour and minute portion of a give time is present herein.  The timepiece includes ….

an indicator  structured to rotate about the face of the timepiece and point to the hour element of the time via a distal end thereof.

In addition, the same indicator includes a minute identifying portion disposed along a length thereof that will align with a rotationally disposed minute disc.  The minute disc includes indicia representative of the minutes evenly spaced radially about its surface in clockwise ascending order.

As the minute disc rotates counterclockwise and the indicator rotates clockwise, the indicator will simultaneously identify the hour element at its distal end and the minute element via the relative position of the minute disc.

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“It has never been  done before”

What Daniel and Steve had to figure out was how to have a minute disc continuously synch with the hour hand. If it was possible it was going to be an industry first.



In House Calibre

The novel time display required novel engineering. In collaboration with Le Cercle des Horlogères, the renowned Swiss horology engineers, SNGLRTY release the Calibre OHI.

Each component of the Calibre OHI is manufactured in the Swiss Jura mountains and assembled by SNGLRTY's own watchmaker.

The Calibre OHI was created out of necessity. This is the only watch movement with a reverse gear.

Patented One Hand Indication (OHI)

It was not only the movement that had to be carefully engineered. The One Hand Indication hand, that pays homage to the Breguet hand, evolved from functionality.

The oversized OHI hand required detailed engineering. The hand has a domed profile to increase its stiffness. This subtle feature brings added depth to a key aspect that defines every SNGLRTY watch.

11 Customizable Elements

This degree of customisation requires that each SNGLRTY watch is assembled exclusively for every customer. With eleven elements that can be configured there are over 500,000 possible variations now available - you will have a unique watch that reflects who you are.

Swiss Made And Therefore The Highest Quality

Daniel and Steve are proud of SNGLRTY’s Swiss heritage. Our collaboration with the finest Swiss engineers, craftsmen, and watchmakers, who have accumulated the finest skills passed down over the centuries, made SNGLRTY possible. Without these fine artisans, it would not be possible to produce this unrivaled patented timepiece.

Create Your Own SNGLRTY Watch Today!


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What to expect?
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Don’t worry about shipping, we pay for that. Every watch is dispatched through the UPS delivery network. If you are ordering from the US the prices quoted include all taxes. If you are having your watch delivered to another location additional taxes may be applicable. If you want confirmation of the taxes that may be due then please contact us.

SNGLRTY is powered by the Calibre OHI. We have two executions that you can choose from.

If you are purchasing your watch from Europe you can finance your purchase through Klarna. We are working on finance options for our US customers currently.
SNGLRTY has a 40.5mm case diameter. It measured 47mm from lug to lug and is approximately 12mm high. The exact dimensions very slightly depending on which movement is selected.
We have a watches available at retail locations around the world. If you would like to see a SNGLRTY watch up close and personal please contact us and we will try adn find the closest location to you. But please, do not forget, every SNGLRTY watch comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have no risk in buying a SNGLRTY watch.
Yes, we will ship SNGLRTY watch anywhere in the world. Depending on the delivery address the duties and taxes may vary. Please contact us if you have any concerns.
One Hand Indication. When Daniel and Steve were developing the watch they did not have a name for it so they called it One Hand Indication. It was only after they received the patent was the name SNGLRTY created.