Minutes and hours traveling in opposing directions; colliding.The presentation of time reflecting life, where you cannot change the past, you cannot predict the future but you can seize the moment.

SNGLRTY’s patented display highlights each moment at a single point. Minutes travel counterclockwise on the minute ring, each moment framed in the aperture of the single hand.  The collision of time reflects the chaos of life and the importance of every decision, forcing us to be present.

Swiss Made. Patented time. Individually crafted. A new vision of time.

See Time Differently

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It only took 389 years ...

A single hand to tell time evolved into two hands for more accuracy. Now, the next evolution takes us back to the beginning, a single hand presenting time to match how we experience it – converging in each moment. 

Time does not stand still, but occasionally we need to move back to evolve.  And evolution is embodied in simplification. As Steve Jobs says, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Steve & Daniel were aiming for a watch that is different, unique. A watch that would embody their uncompromising authenticity. Their understanding of watches, from first principles, opened the door for this step forward in the presentation of time – the simplification of time.  

It took 389 years, from the invention of the spring balance in 1632 to this evolutionary step in time. Hours moving forward, minutes moving backward, time converging at a single point, eyes focused on each singular moment of infinite possibility.

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confidence; wherever you go

You pass the documents across the table at your next business meeting, your watch slides down into view and draws the attention of the room.  Will the watch on your wrist cause people to take notice or will it be another indication of conformity? 

Your watch should not be selected from a collection of watches created by marketing algorithms and price points.  Your watch should be a reflection of the road you chose to travel, celebrating your individuality, your singular journey, your vision of time.

Have a conversation with SNGLRTY where the customer’s watch is exclusively and uniquely assembled. This starts with a conversation with the founders where the journey of creation unfolds piece by piece.  Your watch is your vision of your time – not merely how you tell time. Start your journey now.

Swiss Heritage

SNGLRTY is designed, engineered and manufactured in Switzerland.  A collaboration with the finest engineers and craftsmen with centuries of experience has delivered this unrivaled, patented timepiece.


The choice is yours. Choose from the most popular variations or arrange a call to customise your very own SNGLRTY watch.

People Who See Time Differently

We are all human but our differences are legendary. As an owner of SNGLRTY you will share your vision of time with others, but the colors are up to you. Each one of our watches is a celebration of its owner, come and celebrate with us.