Forget the past. Forget the future. The only thing we have is now.


Does your watch present time as you want to live life? 
Aware of every single moment.
Moments accumulating, your story unfolding. 
Create your watch, write your story.

Watches tell the time, but how valuable is that?  Measuring how you advance through life is functional, but is that what you really want? Making the most of your time, maximizing every opportunity, mastering your time, is the goal. That is how you see time with SNGLRTY.

Time is displayed at a singular, moving, location on the watch face. A metaphor for the way you write the story of your life.  Unique, idiosyncratic and above all to be celebrated. For a life this rich you require a watch that reflects your ethos and individuality:  SNGLRTY

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SNGLRTY Is About The Opportunity Of Time

Minutes and hours traveling in opposing directions; colliding. Time is now presented as we experience life. You cannot change the past, you cannot predict the future but you can seize the moment.

Where the chaos of the future collides with the understanding of the past is where the opportunity lies, in the instance of now. We frame that moment with the patented SNGLRTY time display. Now each time you read the time you are reminded to live life, it is not about measuring time.

Swiss Made. Patented time. Individually crafted. A new vision of time.
See Time Differently

A Watch Worthy Of Your Story

SNGLRTY is the creation of Stephen Mansfield and Daniel Blunschi. They were fed up with watches all being the same. The challenge they set themselves was to create a watch that was different, like nothing seen before.

After years of discussions and false starts, they rose to the challenge. Within a few minutes, inspired by basic mechanics, their idea was scribbled on the back of a beer mat. Their invention was not a new watch; they had created a new way to see time.

It was so new that they were awarded a patent for their invention. With a new way to present time, a new movement had to be developed. Engineered, manufactured, and assembled in Switzerland, their movement is a world first. A movement that is only available from SNGLRTY.

Time as A Gateway to Opportunity

Every moment of your life is an opportunity. Every moment is your gateway to infinite possibility. It is the decisions in each instance of these instances that accumulate to write the story of your life.

The watch on your wrist needs to be as unique as the story that you are writing. This is why we will only make your watch once you have created it from the thousands of possibilities that are available to you. Your talisman to keep you living life, not just keeping time.

Without Compromise

Over 30 years of experience creating watches for some of the finest Swiss watch brands, Daniel Blunschi led an uncompromising team to create a watch worthy of your wrist. Every single piece of the movements is manufactured and assembled in Switzerland.

This uncompromising approach continued to the watch case that boasts water resistance to 10 Atmosphere (100m), plus sapphire crystal with seven layers of anti-reflective coating on both sides. A crystal clear view regardless of the light conditions.

Whatever your story, your SNGLRTY watch will be your companion to accompany you on your journey, a beacon of where you are in life, rather than merely measuring time passing you by.

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