Black Fire Calibre OHI4 Patented Single Hand Watch

Ø 40.5mm; ⚙ Ohi-4

CHF5,220 Incl. VAT

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Our SNGLRTY on the outside, and the highest Swiss horological standards on the inside.

You do not see what you like, or you want to curate your own SNGLRTY watch? No problem, come and check out the thousands of options that are available to you.

Black Fire Premier Edition SNGLRTY, the patented single-hand watch, is like simmering embers on a dark night. The sea of black has stealth that reveals itself in the dark – the Swiss Super-LumiNova Arabic hour numerals. The contrasting brushed rhodium SNGLRTY hour hand introduces an opposing color that draws your eye to the location to read the time. The center disc has a machined Cote de Geneve pattern, and the second dial is micro-blasted black. All our watches feature SNGLRTY branding on the center disc at the noon position. The double-domed sapphire crystal, with seven layers of anti-reflective coating on both the interior and exterior, plus an extra layer of anti-scratch protection, ensure an uninterrupted view of the watch face. The exhibition case back features the SNGLRTY logo unobtrusively placed in the center of the mineral glass. And of course, every SNGLRTY watch is assembled to order by our skilled watchmaker in Switzerland. This unique touch represents our passion for delivering a singular watch to every customer who wants to #seetimedifferently.

Calibre OHI (One Hand Indication)


Calibre OHI4. Imagined & designed by SNGLRTY in collaboration with renowned Swiss watch engineers. The unique reverse gear mechanism that slows and reverses the movement of the minute disc is unique in the world of watches. The Calibre OHI4 elevates the date complication for an enlarged date display at the six position.

25.6mm Diameter, 3.6mm Height
28’800 A/h (4Hz)
42 Hours
Automatic & Manual Winding
Glucydur Gilt
+/- 4 seconds per day
+/- 10 seconds per day
Rhodium Coated, Baseplate with Perlage Circular Graining, Straight Cotes de Genève on Rotor

Watch Case

40.50mm Diameter, Total Height 11.80 mm (without Crystal 10.10 mm), 47.00mm Total Length
Stainless Steel 1.4404
10 ATM (100m)
Double Domed Sapphire Crystal, 1.50mm Thick. Total Height 2.85mm with 7 Layers Anti-reflection Coating on Both Sides, additional Hard-Coating on Exterior Side
Integrated Domed Mineral Crystal Opening Secured with 4 Hex Key Screws. SNGLRTY Logo printed in Red on Crystal
2 Visible Hex Key Screws for 21mm Band Width

Diameter: 40.50mm
Height: 11.80mm
Length: 47.00mm
Weight: 61.5g

One Hand Indication. When Daniel and Steve were developing the watch they did not have a name for it so they called it One Hand Indication. It was only after they received the patent was the name SNGLRTY created.
Provided that all the components are in stock (and they should be if you have chosen from our stock list), your watch will be delivered within 4 weeks. If you have a customised component then we will advise you on the expected delivery date as soon as the final configuration is confirmed.
If you receive your watch and you decide it is not for you please just return it to us in the same condition as you received it within 30 days and we will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked. We believe that SNGLRTY is not just a watch, but reflects how our customers want to #seetimedifferently and if it is not for you we completely understand.
Like every mechanical watch it will require servicing every 4 ~ 5 years. This is no more than recommended by any other watch – the fact we display the time differently does not alter the way the basics of the watch works.
What is really cool about SNGLRTY is that if you send your watch back to us for the servicing you will get the option to reconfigure your watch face with different colors at that time (for an additional small fee).
We are happy to reconfigure your watch face at any time, all you need to do is contact us and we will make the arrangements with you. If you become a SNGLRTY owner you will also have the opportunity to join our special care program where you will have the opportunity to reconfigure your watch every 4 years when you send it for its service.


Highlights Of SNGLRTY

What's in the box?

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You have any questions about SNGLRTY?

Talk to Steve or Daniel

Please feel free to contact us, we will personally take care of your matter.

Swiss Made

SNGLRTY was only possible because of all the watch innovators that went before us and the accumulation of their skills and knowledge in Switzerland. We celebrate their achievements by being proud that each of our watches is “Made In Switzerland” so you can be confident that it is engineered and assembled with longevity in mind.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will enjoy Seeing Time Differently every single watch comes with our Money Back Guarantee so you can buy with confidence. If you have any concerns after your purchase, just let us know within 30 days of delivery and we will refund your money. After all, Daniel and Steve want everyone to enjoy wearing SNGLRTY on their wrist.

Free International Shipping

UPS will whisk your beautiful new SNGLRTY watch from Bern, Switzerland to your front door – and you will be able to track it every step of the way and reduce your waiting to the minimum.

2 Year International Warranty

Where ever you are, if there is a problem with your watch (and we seriously doubt there will be), we will make sure it is put right so you can buy your SNGLRTY watch without any worries, wherever you live.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will enjoy Seeing Time Differently every single SNGLRTY watch comes with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can buy with confidence, knowing that you can return your watch for a full refund. No questions asked.

In the unlikely event you have any concerns after your purchase, contact us within 30 days of delivery. Your refund will be in your bank account no later than 14 days after we receive your watch.

After all, we want everyone to enjoy wearing SNGLRTY on their wrist.



The heart of SNGLRTY is the one of a kind module that has been created to deliver time differently. A patented display of time required novel engineering to realise the functionality. In collaboration with Le Cercle des Horlogères, the renowned Swiss horology engineers, an exclusive module was engineered.

This module, the OHI Module (One Hand Indication) consists of forteen micro-mechanical parts which are closely integrated into the movement and finished with its own platine. Each component of the OHI Module is manufactured in the Swiss Jura mountains and then assembled by our own watchmaker.



One Hand Indication – shortened to OHI – pays homage to the Breguet hand, but has evolved from design to functionality. Beautiful design brings with it engineering challenges.

The large size of the OHI hand required detailed engineering necessitating a domed profile to increase its stiffness, but also brings added depth to the key component that defines each SNGLRTY watch.

The OHI aperture is 5.00mm in diameter, weighs 0.05 grams and is a total of 17.50mm long and is available in either strong brushed rhodium or mirror polished PVD blue


For watch enthusiasts
From the fundamentals of time to the fundamentals of watchmaking, SNGLRTY is built from first principles of time and engineering. Our multidimensional presentation of time is reflected in the engineering of the movement, so how could we have a closed caseback? The open caseback complements a new vision of time by allowing enthusiasts to relish the movement of time.


Highly resistant to corrosion

SNGLRTY watch cases are made from highly corrosion resistant 1.4404 stainless steel; used in medical devices and marine applications. Each watch case undergoes multiple tests to verify its 10 Atmospheres (100 meters) water resistant rating.

Each facet of the watch case is engineered to tolerances as high as 0.05mm and finished to accentuate the profile of the watch. The top of the bezel is circular brushed with its base polished. The polished surface of the bezel joins with the polished top of the watch case which accentuates the line from the side aspect. This is duplicated between the watch case and the caseback with the caseback is circular brushed.



Whether it is a stainless steel watch band you are looking for or a selection of leather bands so you can match to your favorite color we have you covered.

Our brushed stainless steel watch band is made from 1.4404 stainless steel and provides for a maximum flexibility of sizing being adjustable between 80mm and 172mm.

Each leather band is carefully constructed and features the SNGLRTY blue lining leather. The lining leather is vegetable tanned in Europe and then colored and finished in the distinctive SNGLRTY blue, exclusively for us. This ensures the highest quality of leather and the highest standards to reduce allergic reactions.

The top leathers are selected from European tanned and finished leather and are combined with the lining leathers by craftsmen and women to produce our distinctive selection of bands.



The complication features on the OHI4 module necessitates six additional components to be incorporated into the module, including interior geared wheels.

Incorporating the OHI module to reconfigure the presentation of time necessitated the date shrinking or disappearing. Neither of those options was acceptable for either Steve or Daniel, it had to have the best visibility and a larger size. This required additional engineering of the module to raise the date indication to the top of the module and directly below the dial.



A watch is for all weather conditions, and that means in the dark too. There is only one photo-luminescent application that passes muster in the Swiss watch industry. Swiss Superluminova produces over 3,000 colours of luminova.

We focus on only the best standards for the best performing Grade X1 and can customise the colors to your desire. There is also plenty of variety you can just choose from, and that also includes the ability to choose between the eight available emission colors.


Transparent decision making

Function and design should be a result of conscious decision making. Sapphire crystal is the only option to deliver diamond-like hardness and crystal clear vision. Our sapphire crystals are 1.5 mm thick to achieve 10 Atmosphere water-resistance and unparalleled transparency.

Seven layers of anti-reflective coating are applied on both the in-side and outside of the crystal, providing an unobstructed view so that you can marvel at the 3 dimensional aspect of the dial and SNGLRTY hand.

Hour Numerals Color

I like to think the color of the hour numerals creates the personality of your SNGLRTY watch. We have the basics, black and white, but if you would like to have your watch glow in the dark we offer a range of colors in Swiss Super-LumiNova. We always use Grade X1 for the best luminous effect but the daytime colors do impact the ultimate performance of the Super-LumiNova. If you want the brightest possible luminous effect choose Swiss Super-Luminova White, and if you want more please contact us.

Color Of The Hour Ring

The hour ring is the largest surface area on the SNGLRTY watch face so sets the tone for the rest of your design.

Date Display

Each of our watches can be configured with a date display, or without. Due to the mechanics this is the first decision you need to make in your journey to create your SNGLRTY watch.

Comparison Ohi2 vs. Ohi4

The OHI movements, or One Hand Indication, are unique to SNGLRTY. During the development phase of the watches Daniel and Steve used this moniker before naming it SNGLRTY. There are two distinctive movements to choose from, OHI-2 and OHI-4.

The OHI-4 movement is built on the Decorated and Fully Adjusted SW-300 tractor movement from Sellita. On top of the tractor movement the SNGLRTY complication plate is assembled and incorporates the “reverse minute gearbox” that is available exclusively from SNGLRTY. Depending on your selection, the complication plate will also relocate the date wheel from the top of the tractor movement to the top of the complication plate. Relocating it in this manner increases the size of the date disc and moves it closer to the top of the watch face improving its readability considerably.
The OHI-2 movement is the same as the OHI-4 movement except that it is built on a standard execution Sellita SW-200 movement.

Finally, depending on the movement you select the watch case will have a different profile as the OHI-4 movement is thinner than the OHI-2 movement. The key differences are that the case for the OHI-4 movement has a double domed crystal and a flat caseback. The OHI-2 case has a flat crystal and a curved caseback. All the details are in the product page.