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Patented Single Hand Time Display Automatic Movement.

Made in Switerland –  MORE Details

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– The Patented Time converging at a single point display
– Single hand indicates the time, accurate to the minute, with counter clockwise rotating minute disc
– SNGLRTY mechanical module integrated into Premium Movement
– Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating applied on interior and exterior
– 10 Atm (100m) water-resistance
– Every SNGLRTY watch is numbered and registered


– Stainless Steel 1.4404,
– Water Resistant: 10Atm (100m)
– Diameter 40.50 mm, Case Height; 11.9mm high (peak to peak)
– Open Case Case-back

Module & Movement

– SNGLRTY OHI2 module integrated into SELLITA SW200 Premium Movement
– Accuracy +/- 12 sec
– Power reserve 38 hours


2 Year Warranty


Case included



Eric S.

OHI2 Founders Edition 15/38

“It’s an awesome product, a genius concept, and most of all it’s a fantastic looking watch!”

Susan B.

OHI2 Founders Edition 03/38

It often catches people’s attention. First from a design point of view and then I enjoy seeing their confused look after they look at it closely (also a good conversation starter).

SNGLRTY OHI2 in white with red swiss super luminova
SukiY showing off her snglrty ohi2

Suki Y.

OHI2 Founders Edition 26/38

“It’s not just a unique watch but an ownership and learning experience”

Dany C.

OHI2 Founders Edition 11/38

“My SNGLRTY has never left my wrist, from everyday activities to open water swimming.”

Woman wearing SNGLRTY Watch OHI2


One Hand Indication. When Daniel and Steve were developing the watch they did not have a name for it so they called it One Hand Indication. It was only after they received the patent was the name SNGLRTY created.
Yes – in many ways. First, every watch has a unique registration number etched on its case back. This number is registered to you and the specific combination of your watch face. We like to make things difficult for those counterfeiters.
Also, we currently have over 2,000 possible combinations for you to select from for your watch face so it is very likely that you will receive a very unique piece, plus we are constantly introducing new colours both for the components but also for the numerals on the dial (especially with luminous colours!).
Provided that all the components are in stock (and they should be if you have chosen from our stock list), your watch will be delivered within 4 weeks. If you have a customised component then we will advise you on the expected delivery date as soon as the final configuration is confirmed.
Yes -Absolutely. We are very proud of our Swiss heritage. In fact over 90% of the watch by value is made in Switzerland.
We launched the watch as a crowdfunding project in the spring of 2018. We have been selling them ever since.

To begin with we use a standard watch movement, either a Sellita SW 200-1 for the OHI2 or the Sellita SW 300-1 in Premium execution for the OHI4.

From here we need to make a modification to the movement to send the minutes backwards and slow them down, plus for the OHI4 we need to move the date driver to the top of the movement.

This is achieved by dis-assembling the top plate and removing a number of components and then assembling the SNGLRTY module on top of the movement. The SNGLRTY module comprises up to 18 parts and adds only 1mm to the height of the watch movement.

Every part of the SNGLRTY module is manufactured exclusively for SNGLRTY and for no other watchmaker.

Unlike almost every other watch brand out there we assemble every single watch to the specific requirements of each customer. We then deliver that watch directly to the customer. The watch face selection and the unique registration number are logged into our system with the customer name (the customer will soon have a portal to view this information) so we know exactly who owns which watch in which face configuration. If you ever want to sell your watch we will be able to provide you and the new owner with an authentication service.

Yes – We offer a 2 year international warranty.

If you receive your watch and you decide it is not for you please just return it to us in the same condition as you received it within 30 days and we will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked. We believe that SNGLRTY is not just a watch, but reflects how our customers want to #seetimedifferently and if it is not for you we completely understand.
No. SNGLRTY is a patented time display and we are the only place you can purchase a genuine SNGLRTY watch. But why would you want to buy it anywhere else, if you buy from us you get the chance to configure your watch the way you want – and you get to do it in collaboration with the guys that hold the patent. Where else can you do that?
Yes, absolutely. Daniel and Steve will invite you to a call where you will be able to configure your watch the way you want to and once you confirm the configuration the watch will be assembled to your specification.
Here is a list of all the items where we provide configuration options:
  1. The hour ring colour
  2. The minute disc
  3. The center disc
  4. he SNGLRTY hand
  5. The watch band (leather / stainless steel)
These are the basic 5 options to configure, but in addition, if you select an option to have the hour index printed with Swiss Superluminova you can change the index colour and the colour of the luminous tip on the hour hand (within the options that we have available at the time)
Daniel and I are passionate about the singular nature of SNGLRTY, if you wish to design your own watch around the SNGLRTY display of time we are more than happy to do that for you.  We have already made modifications for many of our customers which include:
  1. Special colour request for hour index luminosity
  2. Special colour and effects for hour ring
  3. And we are currently working with one customer who would like a black case on their SNGLRTY – watch out for this one!

The watch bands are made from a variety of leathers, principally European skins that are tanned in Italy.  But we take extra special care with the tanning of our signature blue lining leather.  These are exclusively French hides that are vegetable tanned and then finished with vegetable based dyes to make them as hypo-sllegenic as possible.

Like every mechanical watch it will require servicing every 4 ~ 5 years. This is no more than recommended by any other watch – the fact we display the time differently does not alter the way the basics of the watch works.
What is really cool about SNGLRTY is that if you send your watch back to us for the servicing you will get the option to reconfigure your watch face with different colors at that time (for an additional small fee).

The servicing cost will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done to your watch,  But if you become a SNGLRTY owner we have a special maintenance program which will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

No.  All SNGLRTY watches are mechanical movements and have our unique OHI module integrated into them to deliver our unique way of seeing time.
If you wear your watch daily the watch will wind itself automatically. If you have not worn the watch for a while you may need to wind it, all you need to do is wind the crown a few turns and you will start to see the second hand move. With the movements we have chosen there is the option to wind them or not as the situation may require. If you never want to have to wind your watch we recommend you store your watch on a watch winder.
We are happy to reconfigure your watch face at any time, all you need to do is contact us and we will make the arrangements with you. If you become a SNGLRTY owner you will also have the opportunity to join our special care program where you will have the opportunity to reconfigure your watch every 4 years when you send it for its service.

We invite every single one of our customers to join us in Switzerland to see their watch being assembled. We understand this is a bit difficult to do right now so we are working on a video link!