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Why Are We Giving Away A $2,000 Watch For Free?

SNGLRTY is a young watch company with a patented time display. Our mission is to help people “See Time Differently.” To achieve this, we need to get exposure, so we want your help.

Can you help us to spread our message? Please help us by sharing SNGLRTY through your social media and introducing your friends. We want our biggest fans to have the opportunity to wear a SNGLRTY watch, so we are giving one away – FREE.

Every social share will give you an opportunity to win your own SNGLRTY watch. Owning a SNGLRTY watch means you need to configure your watch. The winner will configure their watch with BOTH of us.

If you want a SNGLRTY watch on your wrist, configured by you in collaboration with the two of us for FREE, get involved. Sign up below and share with all your friends and on your social channels. The more you share, the more chance you have of winning.

And for the lucky winner, they will receive a free one-of-a-kind, exclusively configured, patented watch.


Thank you for your help.

Steve & Daniel



Swiss Reimagined SNGLRTY One Handed Watch – Hands On Review

SNGLRTY OH12 A New Concept on an Old Tradition!

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Celebrate The Individual You Are

You have made your own decisions, made sacrifices, put in the hours to achieve this; where you are in your career, in life. It is time to reward yourself, but what can measure up to your achievements? The journey here has changed you, you are a different person, it is time for others to see you differently, it is time for you to see time differently.

Each glance at your watch is a reminder of your infinite possibility. It is not imposing an agenda that someone else is driving. Your watch reflects you as an individual, it was assembled just for you, from your choices.

Why is this important?
Because how we spend our time defines us as an individual. Every time you glance at your SNGLRTY watch you will be reminded to stay on your path and use your time wisely.
Start your journey to create your very own SNGLRTY watch or select from a very limited number of watches immediately available for those who just cannot wait.

Detailed Specifications

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Module & Movement

OHI2 time adjustment
SELLITA SW200-1 Standard Execution
25.6mm Diameter, 4.6mm Height
28’800 A/h (4Hz)
38 Hours
Automatic & Manual Winding
+/- 12 seconds per day
+/- 20 seconds per day
Standard with Smoothed Decoration on Rotor

Watch Case

40.50mm Diameter, total height 12.20 mm (without crystal 11.95 mm), 47.00mm Total Length
Stainless Steel 1.4404
10 ATM (100m)
Flat Sapphire Crystal, 1.50mm thick, with 7 Layers Anti-reflection Coating on Both Sides, additional Hard-Coating on Exterior Side
Integrated Domed Mineral Crystal Opening Secured with 4 Hex Key Screws. SNGLRTY Logo printed in Red on Crystal
2 Visible Hex Key Screws for 21mm Band Width

Diameter: 40.50mm
Height: 12.20mm
Length: 47.00mm
Weight: 65g

One Hand Indication. When Daniel and Steve were developing the watch they did not have a name for it so they called it One Hand Indication. It was only after they received the patent was the name SNGLRTY created.
Provided that all the components are in stock (and they should be if you have chosen from our stock list), your watch will be delivered within 4 weeks. If you have a customised component then we will advise you on the expected delivery date as soon as the final configuration is confirmed.
If you receive your watch and you decide it is not for you please just return it to us in the same condition as you received it within 30 days and we will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked. We believe that SNGLRTY is not just a watch, but reflects how our customers want to #seetimedifferently and if it is not for you we completely understand.
Like every mechanical watch it will require servicing every 4 ~ 5 years. This is no more than recommended by any other watch – the fact we display the time differently does not alter the way the basics of the watch works.
What is really cool about SNGLRTY is that if you send your watch back to us for the servicing you will get the option to reconfigure your watch face with different colors at that time (for an additional small fee).
We are happy to reconfigure your watch face at any time, all you need to do is contact us and we will make the arrangements with you. If you become a SNGLRTY owner you will also have the opportunity to join our special care program where you will have the opportunity to reconfigure your watch every 4 years when you send it for its service.

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Contest FAQ

Provided all the components are in stock, your watch will arrive within four weeks. If you have created a watch with custom components, it may take longer. We will tell you the expected delivery date as soon as you confirm the final configuration.
Ohi stands for One Hand Indication. When SNGLRTY was a development project, we called it One Hand Indication. This name stuck for naming the movements. After we received the patent, SNGLRTY was born.
You must be 18 years of age or older to enter the competition.

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We also send emails to tell you more about SNGLRTY and other subjects relevant to watches. We will never share your email address with anyone else.

We are happy to reconfigure your watch face at any time. Contact us, and we will make the arrangements with you.

Every SNGLRTY owner has the opportunity to join the SNGLRCare program. This allows you to reconfigure your watch once every 4 years when you send it for its service.

SNGLRTY is the work of Daniel Blunschi and Stephen Mansfield. Over five years ago they challenged themselves to create a watch that was different.  SNGLRTY was the result.  If you would like to know more please read Our Story