When Impending Disaster Turned to Massive Opportunity

Steve & I were in Shanghai last year and recounted one of the many occasions when we feared we were staring at impending disaster.  Thankfully, on this occasion, it turned into a massive opportunity. 

I saw the opportunity first (well, the engineer did!). But once Steve understood what I was talking about and the implications for SNGLRTY he became very excited.  That realization, how we could make SNGLRTY truly singular, and what a massive opportunity it was for us was a rush. We were not only going to help people to #seetimedifferently but also introduce many more people to individually configured watches, a truly singular experience.     

Here is The Story


Do you know the interesting thing about SNGLRTY?

When we started, it was all about how we would display the time.

It was about one hand.

It was about the movement of the minutes against the hour hand.

It was all about that presentation of time.

But I remember the phone call where that changed.

I received this strange phone call from Daniel.

It was a bizarre call initially; Daniel was a bit frenetic.

Daniel started off with, “I didn’t realize, I went and talked to the engineers today, and we’ve got to redesign the watch face.

And I remember, I remember exactly where I was.

I was walking up some steps in a very hot and sweaty Hong Kong.

I was thinking to myself, “what do you mean we have to redesign the watch face?

Daniel was not going to be stopped.

“It’s amazing; it’s absolutely amazing. We have to take the watch face apart because if we use the standard watch face, it’s not going to work.

And all I could think was, “Oh dear.”

I felt it was one of those moments.

My heart sank, and I thought, “ah, another hurdle to get over.

And I said, “Okay, well, let’s talk about it tomorrow.

But Daniel kept going, “But no! No, this is a good thing!


It’s true. I had forgotten that.

The thing was, exactly, that the dial could not be one piece.

Because the minutes are rotating, the outer part is the hours.

The hour disc cannot be linked to the center, and that is where the dial is typically fixed.

And secondly, I realized that the SNGLRTY dial has four parts.

Four sections, this is a diamond in the rough.

This is fantastic because it allows us to do hundreds and even thousands of possibilities out of a couple of colors.

And it allows us to offer to our customers, to our buyers, to our fans a watch that is singularly theirs.

They really can create their own watch, and it is not that challenging for us logistically.

Because they can choose the hours.

Choose the color of the hours, and they can choose the minutes, the center, and the seconds center color.

We have two hands to choose from in different colors.

We have luminous colors as well.

So besides the unique, some say the singular way we present time.

Besides seeing time differently with the backward rotating minutes.

We have a third point which is absolutely unique.

You can create your own watch.

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Swiss Made

SNGLRTY was only possible because of all the watch innovators that went before us and the accumulation of their skills and knowledge in Switzerland. We celebrate their achievements by being proud that each of our watches is “Made In Switzerland” so you can be confident that it is engineered and assembled with longevity in mind.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will enjoy Seeing Time Differently every single watch comes with our Money Back Guarantee so you can buy with confidence. If you have any concerns after your purchase, just let us know within 30 days of delivery and we will refund your money. After all, Daniel and Steve want everyone to enjoy wearing SNGLRTY on their wrist.

Free International Shipping

UPS will whisk your beautiful new SNGLRTY watch from Bern, Switzerland to your front door – and you will be able to track it every step of the way and reduce your waiting to the minimum.

2 Year International Warranty

Where ever you are, if there is a problem with your watch (and we seriously doubt there will be), we will make sure it is put right so you can buy your SNGLRTY watch without any worries, wherever you live.

Hour Numerals Color

I like to think the color of the hour numerals creates the personality of your SNGLRTY watch. We have the basics, black and white, but if you would like to have your watch glow in the dark we offer a range of colors in Swiss Super-LumiNova. We always use Grade X1 for the best luminous effect but the daytime colors do impact the ultimate performance of the Super-LumiNova. If you want the brightest possible luminous effect choose Swiss Super-Luminova White, and if you want more please contact us.

Color Of The Hour Ring

The hour ring is the largest surface area on the SNGLRTY watch face so sets the tone for the rest of your design.

Date Display

Each of our watches can be configured with a date display, or without. Due to the mechanics this is the first decision you need to make in your journey to create your SNGLRTY watch.

Comparison Ohi2 vs. Ohi4

The OHI movements, or One Hand Indication, are unique to SNGLRTY. During the development phase of the watches Daniel and Steve used this moniker before naming it SNGLRTY. There are two distinctive movements to choose from, OHI-2 and OHI-4.

The OHI-4 movement is built on the Decorated and Fully Adjusted SW-300 tractor movement from Sellita. On top of the tractor movement the SNGLRTY complication plate is assembled and incorporates the “reverse minute gearbox” that is available exclusively from SNGLRTY. Depending on your selection, the complication plate will also relocate the date wheel from the top of the tractor movement to the top of the complication plate. Relocating it in this manner increases the size of the date disc and moves it closer to the top of the watch face improving its readability considerably.
The OHI-2 movement is the same as the OHI-4 movement except that it is built on a standard execution Sellita SW-200 movement.

Finally, depending on the movement you select the watch case will have a different profile as the OHI-4 movement is thinner than the OHI-2 movement. The key differences are that the case for the OHI-4 movement has a double domed crystal and a flat caseback. The OHI-2 case has a flat crystal and a curved caseback. All the details are in the product page.